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"I couldn't be more pleased with the Sunny Day Hand Cream. Normally, I wash my hands quite a lot throughout the day - - now that has only been amplified due to covid-19; however, I don't like using hand lotions because I am averse to strong scents and greasy formulas. The Sunny Day Hand Cream is perfect for me - it has a wonderfully light, natural scent and leaves me with moisturized and clean-feeling hands. I actually love using it multiple times a day! "

— Layna P

"This is the BEST body lotion I have ever used.  I love the beach and no matter how much or which body lotion I have used in the past, my legs always flaked.  Using this lotion, even without using it every day, I never have flaking! I LOVE this body lotion."

— Jane B

BL Collection east Beach #2.JPG

THE BEST FOOT CREAM EVER!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT! The light peppermint scent relaxes the mind as well as the feet. Softens extremely well and nongreasy. I'm taking it to my pedicurist when they reopen. It's the only cream I want used on my feet.

— Kathy L

Sea Glass Foot Cream 4oz.JPG

"The Sound Naturals night balm is exactly what my skin needed!  Moisturizing but not greasy with a light natural scent.  My skin feels nourished and soft the next morning. I have peace of mind that everything that goes into the product is without harmful chemicals or tested on animals."

— Lori W

Night balm #5.JPG

“I have NEVER used a hand cream this good!”

— Jenny D

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